Many Ways to Use Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

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Mosaic bathroom tiles are one of the nicest and most commonly used products in the bathroom. Their combination of price and beauty, along with their versatility make them ideal for many applications. Decorative magazines are often packed with ideas and suggestions for making your bathroom a sanctuary, and they most commonly include liberal use of bathroom tiles. The combination of decorative mosaic and clever selections of beautiful tile can mimic these professionally designed bathrooms. Below, you will find many ideas on getting a beautiful look in your bathroom.
Mixing and Matching Mosaic Bathroom Tiles
Mixing and matching is a great way to create an impactful and beautiful bathroom. Combining a few different shapes, sizes, colours and tones can create a great dynamic statement. Striped grey used as a border or to add detail to the wall, along with a solid neutral tone surrounding it can really create a stunning mosaic.
Contrasting Warm and Cool Tiles
In many cases, most people fear mixing warm and cool colours together, however in practice, mixing a warm (beige) and a cool (grey) can really create a stunning appearance. A great example is a warm coloured vanity, cool tiles and pewter finished hardware, which creates a standout bathroom.
Nothing Wrong with Basics Done Right
While some fear basic tiles, the truth is selecting a basic tile is the start of every bathroom. It helps to be able to plan the rest of it. Figure out a nice basic tile that you like first, and modify, grow and build out the design from there.
Framing Works
A bold, but beautiful tactic in the bathroom is to frame up a large wall in the shower. Too many people go with a basic, boring shower tile that does not convey the kind of beauty possible. In a frame job, you create a single band of material then install a frame made of marble rail, followed by filing out the middle with a glossy white subway tile. The effect is stunning and really draws eyes.
Mosaic Beauty
Even the most basic of showers can get a taste of style with a simple band of mosaic tiling. When used as a decorative element, at eye level, it makes a great way to break up the monotony of a boring tile and really adds beauty to the shower. When investing in a mosaic tile, you should spend a little bit more than the rest of the tile costs, as it will be a natural focal point of the room.
There are many ways to improve your bathroom with some simple tiling tactics. Whether you want to do a mosaic bathroom tile, a frame job, contrasting cool and warm tiles, or mixing and matching different kinds of tiles, the end result can be a beautiful, sanctuary bathroom that you can be proud of. The bathroom is one of the most underappreciated rooms in the home, and investing in quality bathroom tiles can help to give this room the attention it deserves.